Men’s skin care

Men’s skin care

More men are now interested in a healthier and younger looking skin.
There is a simple daily skincare routine, which is basic.

First identify your skin type in order to choose the right products

Sensitive skin: may sting or burn after product use
Normal skin: clear and non sensitive
Dry skin: flaky, itchy or rough
Oily skin: shiny and greasy
Combination skin: dry in some areas, oily in others

Then consider labels and ingredients
E.g. Oily skin needs oil-free products
Sensitive skin needs mild products without fragrances.

Your dermatologist can guide you to your daily skincare routine

1) Wash your face daily and after exercise.
Use a special cleanser for your face and your skin type and not regular soap or your shampoo, because they can make your skin dry.
Use lukewarm water and tap dry avoiding rubbing your skin.

2) Shave yourself with special attention
Wet your skin before you shave, use a moisturizing shaving cream and shave in the direction of hair growth. Change your razor every five shaves.
If you often experience razor bumps, burns or ingrown hairs use a single or double-blade razor instead of a multi blade one.

3) Moisturize daily
Moisturizers hydrate your skin, prevent the appearance of fine wrinkles and make it look bright and younger. The best time to apply your moisturizer is right after shaving or showering. Gels or serums match better with oily skin types.

4) Wear sunscreen daily, even in the winter to avoid photodamage.
This is the most potent antiaging product you can use. Choose a broad-spectrum light product, like a gel or a mousse.

5) Ask your dermatologist about treatments. Your skin would benefit by lasers peelings, mesotherapy etc. There are many many procedures that can keep your skin healthy and young

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