Dermarollers, dermapens, microneedling systems

The use of microneedling systems (dermarollers, dermapens) is gaining increasing popularity among doctors and patients. Numerous anti-aging clinics across the world use this technique for skin regeneration. Moreover, new therapeutic applications are added daily.

The microneedling concept

Microneedling devices have multiple very fine needs that are 0.2 – 3.0 mm long. These needles cause multiple micro traumas to the skin, penetrating the epidermis and reaching the dermis. Inserted into the epidermis the needles do not damage the epidermis. Due to the elasticity of epidermal cells, the micro openings close very fast and in a few hours the skin regains its normal condition. Multiple micro traumas in the dermis trigger its natural healing mechanism. Pinpoint bleeding and aseptic inflammation are caused locally resulting in the production of cellular growth factors. All this leads to the activation of fibroblasts and production of collagen and elastin molecules, proteoglycans and other structural proteins of the layer. Repeated sessions are required in order to stimulate continuous tissue restructuring and induce collagen generation, which takes time.

The advantage of this method is that skin regeneration is obtained with minimal injury to the epidermis and dermis, therefore without need for recovery time or risk of adverse events.

Substance absorption

When a substance is applied on the skin, only a fraction is absorbed and its absorption rate depends on many factors (e.g. size of substance molecule, skin condition, moisture, etc.). Using dermarollers we create small channels in the epidermis through which active ingredients can penetrate easily and reach the dermis. This maximises the efficacy of the treatments and can be applied for anti-aging, scars, melasma, alopecia and cellulite.

Indications – contraindications

The treatment is suitable for all phototypes. It is also applied to all skin types, including the most sensitive. The treatment is effective at all ages and has no adverse effects.

It is not indicated for skins that heal forming keloid and for application in areas where there is an active inflammatory skin disease.

How is the treatment performed?

We select the appropriate needle size for the area to be treated.

We disinfect the affected skin area.

We use local anaesthetic (in most cases applying anaesthetic cream is enough).

We then “pierce” the entire area until a mild diffuse erythema appears. This erythema lasts for approx. 1-3 days and may be followed by mild desquamation (peeling) of the skin.

Immediately after treatment, a cold pack may be applied to soothe the mild burning as required.

It is advisable to avoid sun exposure for a week after the treatment. Usually 2-3 sessions are required, depending on the case, at intervals of 4-6 weeks. Results are already visible from the first days after treatment, but are maximised over time.


Microneedling, as already said, is also used for anti-aging. It can be applied in combination with mesotherapy mixtures. It helps eliminate fine lines and decreases the depth of established wrinkles, by inducing considerable collagen production, even in aged skins. The skin texture is improved and firmness is enhanced. The needles used are > 1.0 mm long.

Melasma – skin pigmentation disorders

Impressive results may be obtained by using whitening mixtures combined with microneedling. Whitening substances penetrate the epidermis and dermis maximising the therapeutic efficacy. At the same time skin texture, tone and firmness are also improved.

Scars – stretch marks

All types of scars (except keloid) including post-burn can been adequately treated with this method. Acne scars are a clear indication. If there is active acne, it has to be treated first.

Moreover, striations (stretch marks), regardless of how old they are maybe significantly improved even if they have turned white.


Cellulite is a very frequent aesthetic concern that remains difficult to treat. It appears that microneedling treatments combined with the application of special lypolytic and firming mixtures improve cellulite and tighten the overlying skin.

Androgenetic Alopecia

Mesotherapy offers good results but it is painful and, therefore unpleasant for the patient. With microneedling hair growth factors, minerals, vitamins, etc., can be administered painlessly at the dermis level, i.e. where the hair roots are. Results are impressive after 4-6 sessions. Maintenance treatments are also required.

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