Pimples on the face, back and chest are the most common dermatological condition. They are due to the enlargement and excessive function of the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum. Sebum is blocked in the skin and causes inflammation (redness – pus) with the involvement of microbes. Acne is not a problem occurring only during puberty, but also in older people and especially women. Post-puberty acne is a common problem, which is difficult to treat in adult women. Acne is exacerbated by stress, menstruation and other factors, often leading to the formation of scars.

To treat acne, various topical or oral medications are administered. Where there is medical indication, the most efficient is isotretinoin, which decreases sebaceous glands size and makes them less active.

Anti-acne LASER treatments constitute another medically approved solution instead of medications but cannot always substitute them. We use pulse-dye (V-beam Candela) in order to reduce the appearance of spots and the red marks they leave behind. LASERs are used more and more for the treatment of acne. In active acne, i.e. when there are purulent spots, V-beam LASER decreases redness and inflammation of the face from the very first session. Usually it takes 4-8 sessions, one every 10-15 days, to achieve remission. A topical treatment is advised, to maintain results.

Red marks left after medication treatments can be significantly improved with V-beam LASER. 4 sessions are required, one per month.

In cases of scars, CO2 fractional laser has very good results. Usually 4 sessions are required, one per month, to achieve improvement of scars and of the skin texture overall (pore tightening, smoother and more even skin).

The acne-causing bacterium (P. Acnes) secretes red pigments called porphyrins. Blue light targets these pigments, thus eliminating bacteria indirectly. It is equivalent to oral antibiotics. It is advisable for those who do not want or cannot take medications. 4 sessions are performed once weekly followed by maintenance treatment once every two months if necessary.

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