FAQs about Dermatological LASERs


1) Are LASERs safe?

LASERs have been studied and established for many decades for a wide range of applications by the Greek and International Dermatologic Communities, including Greek and International Universities, Medical Societies. They are also the subject of on-going medical information and training in congresses, articles, literature and clinical studies.

Dermatological LASERs emit light and not ionizing radiation, radioactivity or x rays. Thus, they have selectivity and act only where we want, without affecting other parts of the body. Hence, when chosen by experienced doctors and all necessary precautions are taken, such as special protective glasses, they are absolutely safe, even for small children.

Since LASERs are a natural treatment option (without medications), they can be used even during pregnancy but not close to the abdomen after consulting the obstetrician-gynaecologist.


2) Is there any irritation after LASER treatment? – Can daily activities be resumed immediately?

After most applications, there is mild or moderate redness which fades away in a few hours or, rarely, days, and may to be covered with make-up, as required. Everyday activities can be resumed immediately, but usually caution is required during the first days protecting the treated areas with appropriate sun block. An exception are fractional lasers that cause fractional lesions to the skin. Thus, in the first two days there is oedema and erythema. On the third day though, they subside and the skin is covered by a fine brown scab, which falls off gradually over the next days. Use of make-up is allowed.

Also, LASERs used to treat dark spots, papillomas and hyperkeratosis create a brown scab, which falls off in 7 -15 days.


3) How long does it last? – Is it painful?

In most cases, the session lasts a few minutes and there is a slight discomfort, which varies with the application and the body area. I advise the application of an anaesthetic cream before the treatment. Also, advanced LASERs that are equipped with a synchronised cooling system reduce the sense of discomfort and the treatment duration.

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