Men’s skin is usually thicker and oilier than women’s, thus being more resistant to harmful external factors and time. Of course, men too must protect themselves from the sun, in order to avoid photo-aging and skin cancer.

Men can treat oily skin with care products at home and in-practice treatments (Peelings).

Acne in boys is more severe than in girls and must be treated more often with isotretinoin (Acne – Isotretinoin).

Lasers can help the treatment.

Forehead and eye wrinkles can be prevented or treated with Botulinum toxin (Botulinum toxin , while nasogenial folds can be treated with hyaluronic acid fillers (Fillers).

Time treats men with kindness, for their skin is thicker and secretes more sebum. This makes it is more resistant to external aging factors. However they too can take care of their skin and improve its appearance.

Men with very oily skin can benefit from peelings, in order to control seborrhoea and improve blemishes caused by it (shine, dull complexion, pimples etc.).

Dark spots, papillomas (unattractive “moles” on the neck, armpits etc.) and hyperkeratosis can be treated with lasers or cryotherapy.

Forehead and eye wrinkles can be improved with Botulinum toxin . Nasogenial folds and under-eye bags can be treated with hyaluronic acid.

Finally, treatments that enhance collagen and promote collagen production (fractional laser, dermarollers) reverse photo-aging and improve wrinkles and firmness. Moreover, pores are tightened and seborrhoea is controlled.

A very common problem affecting men is ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA. Apart from standard medical treatments, such as minoxidil and finasteride, there are solutions, like mesotherapy using fortifying solutions or platelets enriched plasma from the patient’s own blood serum (PRP). We also use dermarollers synergistically, in order to help active ingredients penetrate into the scalp, and also because this way the scalp releases growth factors that boost and stimulate the hair root.

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