Need for hydration and firming

During menopause the skin needs change as the protective action of the oestrogens ceases.

The skin has higher need for hydration, which we can boost by means of mesotherapy (link to the relevant treatment).

The skin sagging effect is intensified leading to deeper perioral and nasogenial folds, decline of the under-eye area (bags, if they exist, become more pronounced) and sagging of the face contour and neck. These problems are improved with treatments that boost collagen and promote the production of new collagen (neocollagenesis). Suggested treatment with  C02 fractional laserskin tightening ScitonDermaroller, depending on the case.

Moreover, with age fat is depleted from the face, which aggravates facial drooping and sagging. Hyaluronic fillers can restore volumes and offer a more youthful look (liquid facelift).

The above treatments can be combined in order to achieve even better results.

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