Laser for wrinkles, anti-aging

for scars, wrinkles, anti-aging


Fibroblasts are skin cells that generate collagen and elastin fibres, which are essential for the skin’s support and elasticity. Over time they age and function less efficiently resulting in gradual skin aging and appearance of wrinkles and sagging. Moreover, the cumulative effect of the sun on the skin accelerates biological aging leading to photo-aging, which affects even young people. A typical example is the difference in skin quality between exposed areas, such as face, décolleté, and protected areas, such as chest, of people who are exposed to the sun.

LASERs target fibroblasts and activate them, resulting in the production of higher quality collagen and improvement of the skin texture and tone. In this way we delay the appearance of new wrinkles and improve the existing ones. Deep expression wrinkles though, such as frown lines and nasogenial folds are not eliminated with LASERs.

A new type of Fractional LASERs promises spectacular results in skin anti-aging and tightening. These LASERs activate fibroblasts using the so called “fractional” thermolysis, i.e. creating controlled micro-injuries to the skin thus mobilizing natural regeneration mechanisms. These are CO2 or Erbium Fractional LASERs.

They can be combined with other treatments, such as injectable fillers, botulinum toxin and mesotherapy.

4-6 sessions, depending on the LASER that will be used.