PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Vampire Lift

This new method was initially applied in traumatology for the healing of burn wounds: plasma and platelet of the patients’ own blood have been used in order to regenerate tissues and heal wounds. Following the impressive results, the method was also introduced for anti-aging. Plasma and platelets from the same person/patient are used for skin regeneration.

It is a simple method, where blood is drawn in the practice, it is centrifuged on the spot in the presence of the patient and the resulting PRP (i.e. platelet rich plasma) is immediately re-injected. Additionally, it is a perfectly safe method, without any adverse events, as only the blood of the same person (autologous material) is used without any other chemical substance. Using local anaesthetic and a very fine needle, the plasma and activated platelets are injected into the skin, stimulating its natural renewal mechanism.

It is an excellent treatment for the face, the neck and décolleté, and especially for the eye contour and the area around lips. It is also applied successfully to acne scars. Additionally, this treatment can be combined with fractional lasers or microneedling to maximise the treatment results. Usually 2-3 sessions are required every 4-6 weeks.