Dermatologist Panagiota Riga

Panagiota Riga has specialized in important areas of aesthetic dermatology such as mesotherapy (special training in France), dermatological laser applications, implants and botulinum toxin. In some of these areas he has been invited to the University Clinic of Syggrou Hospital in order to participate in the training of young trainees.

Panagiota Riga also specializes in dermatoscopy at the University of Graz in Austria, a technique that aims to more accurately diagnose dermatological diseases and prevent skin cancer.

In her clinic it has one of the few in Greece systems for recording and monitoring nevi (Molemax HD).

During the last years it has been active in the private sector based on its well-equipped private clinic and with the aim of offering high quality medical services.

In a well-equipped space, with the belief that each treatment is individualized, with honesty, consistency and respect for the uniqueness of the patient, we achieve the best possible result.

I believe that improving our skin is not a luxury, but a need that determines our quality of life.