Body Treatment

There is a lot of interest in body treatments, and science has entered decisively in the service of beauty. Most devices that fight cellulite are based on laser and RF technologies. They act by applying heat to the dermis and hypodermis in order to tighten the tissues and decrease the number and size of adipose cells. Moreover, devices applying ultrasounds and shock waves are used aiming at reducing the fatty tissue and enhancing the lymphatic circulation. Devices such as LPG Endermologie mainly act by improving the lymphatic circulation.

Treatments are performed once or twice a week as required. The most recent development in body treatments is cryolipolysis, which has been increasingly popular worldwide. This treatment uses cooling to “dissolve” fat cells. Treatments are performed monthly.

Another renowned method against cellulite is mesotherapy. It uses a cocktail of substances that improve the quality of the connective tissue, enhance blood and lymphatic circulation and have lipolytic action. This mixture is injected into the dermis and hypodermis with a very fine needle. The results are even better when skin firming dermarollers are used at the same time. Ideally, mesotherapy should be performed every one or two weeks and, in the meantime, have sessions with some lymph drainage and skin firming machine.

It should be noted that results are highly individual and need several sessions (usually 10) plus maintenance treatments in order to show. Additionally, these are not slimming treatments. Any extra weight, should be reduced by means of proper diet and physical exercise; body treatments should be used for enhancement in order to obtain really good results.

If you decide to start an anti-cellulite treatment, you should combine it with healthy diet and exercise so as to enjoy better efficacy. The simplest way is to walk half an hour every day. Swimming is very helpful, because water friction activates the lymphatic system.

Exclude processed food, such as white bread and pasta, from your diet and replace it with whole wheat products. Quit sugar and limit fats to the minimum. Eat protein, salads and vegetables. Drink enough water. Try to be close to your ideal weight. Never compare your body with that of models and performers in magazines; the pictures you see are always edited. Observe your body under natural light rather than vertical spot light.

Accept and love your body. You deserve it!

In the practice, we use the 3 MAX PLUS system, which delivers lypolytic and skin firming actions. It uses ultrasound for lipolysis (cavitation), RF for skin firming and RF + vacuum for stimulation of the lymphatic circulation.

Approximately 8-10 treatment sessions are required (once a week), but improvement of the affected area and loss of centimetres are already achieved after the 2nd-3rd session.

It may be combined with mesotherapy for cellulite (Alidya) and injection lipolysis (Aqualyx).