Skin tightening treatment

of face, neck, décolleté with Skin Tyte Sciton

It is a device specialising in skin tightening, which uses infrared energy. It has very good results in tightening the neck and face contours. It is also applied to the abdomen to treat sagging due to weight loss or pregnancy.

Skin sagging is due to disturbed collagen elasticity and architecture, as well as to a decline in its production by fibroblasts; these are changes that usually occur after the age of 45.

During the treatment, heat is applied to the skin achieving remodelling of the collagen fibres and fibroblast stimulation in order to produce new collagen.

Usually 3-4 sessions are required at intervals of one month. Treatment can also take place in the summer. There are no marks left on the treated skin, so daily activities can be resumed immediately.